Mentoring at Sierra Commons

Brian Gillings
With six startups, three successful IPOs, and two mergers under his belt, there’s no denying Brian Gillings is a seasoned business consultant.
Brian Gillings
In 2001 Brian started BG Business Consulting, a service helping businesses create solid strategic plans and positioning start-ups for Angel and Series A Funding, and early stage companies for series B and C Funding. Brian’s proven team building, managerial and functional skills, coupled with a unique perspective and business sense, enables Brian to lead businesses towards long-term growth and profitability.

Brian is Sierra Commons’ go-to mentor for entrepreneurs seeking help with financial management, cash flow analysis, business financing, and financial projections. Brian has helped Business Ignitor students since the inception of the course and continues to mentor entrepreneurs at Sierra Commons on aspects of running a successful business on a regular basis.

As an enthusiastic new resident of Nevada County, Brian is generously donating his services to help grow our local economy. If you would like to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Brian at Sierra Commons, please email us at

Robert Trent
Robert Trent holds an MA in Instructional Technologies from San Francisco State University. He has been an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 20 years.Robert Trent From Silicon Valley to the Sierra Foothills, Robert has founded and has run high-tech and marketing companies focusing on areas such as wireless networking, multimedia, product branding, and social networking.

In 2009, Robert founded Sierra Commons and developed the Sierra Commons Business Ignitor course, which has helped to start or grow over 50 businesses in Nevada County. Robert has facilitated all six Business Ignitor courses as well as countless other business education programs at Sierra Commons. He is a regular business instructor, public speaker and is a primary business mentor at Sierra Commons.