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Wednesday, Mar. 13th, 6-8pm

Rich Javascript visualizations: D3 and Maps

Javascript and HTML5 have turned web browsers in to capable platforms for visualizing data. Join Nelson for a technical exploration of D3, a Javascript library that uses SVG to create powerful interactive visualizations. We'll explore various complex applications built using D3, then look in detail at Javascript source code for simpler examples to learn some of the basic concepts of using D3. Particular attention will be paid to d3.geo and integrating with Leaflet, two ways of working with map-based data.
To see examples of what D3 can do, please visit http://d3js.org/
Nelson MinarNelson Minar is a software engineer and recent newcomer to Nevada County. From the Santa Fe Institute to the MIT Media Lab to Google, Nelson's interest is complex and beautiful software systems. Recent themes include rich browser applications, geographic data, and presenting unexplored information in interesting ways. He keeps a weblog at http://www.somebits.com/weblog/
Attendance is by donation, public welcome.

Please RSVP here.

Tech Talks take place at Sierra Commons second Wednesday of every month, 6-8pm

This monthly series, moderated by Robert Trent, was created to inspire the Nevada County technology community and act as a catalyst for collaboration. Informal networking takes place at 6pm, followed by lecture at 7pm (with an incentive for early arrival).

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