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We are worth it.  Please give to Sierra Commons.


Donating at the end of the calendar year is an American tradition.  Sierra Commons, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is helping folks in Nevada county start their own businesses and is helping to keep those businesses going.   We offer mentoring, and when the recession hit Nevada County hard, we were helping folks stay in business so that they could stay in the county and continue the tradition of giving.

We are asking for your generous donation so that we can continue to support the creative class and the small business community in Nevada County.  Our experienced business advisors volunteer their time to help businesses get started through its signature Ignitor Course, now in its 5th year. In addition, Sierra Commons helps businesses with mentoring and business advice. Our coworking facility in Nevada City has created a small business community for individuals to benefit from cross learning and sharing of advice in a supportive environmen.
Sierra Commons is an independently run non-profit organization. We do not receive any government or county funding.  We are the only business education center in Western Nevada County dedicated to serving Nevada County exclusively.  We rely upon minimal fees for services and we need your support and donations.

Please consider donating to Sierra Commons as part of your annual giving. Our community is strengthened when we can provide an opportunity for individuals to stay here in Nevada County and start and grow their business instead of leaving the area to find work. Many of the businesses started at Sierra Commons have taken advantage of the Internet to reach out to all parts of the USA and the world for sales, bringing those earnings back here to Nevada County and helping the local economy.

All of Sierra Commons- the board, the sudents, the members, the faculty and the staff.

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