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Monthly Healers Networking Group at Sierra Commons

Moderated by Suzie Daggett, Insight Lectures

Wednesday June 13, 12pm – 1:30pm

Carabeth Rowley will be facilitating this month’s group.

Let’s share, collaborate and investigate ways for our businesses to attract new clients and keep current clients.  Carabeth Rowley, social media expert, will be continuing our social media education and sharing more idea’s with us.

$10 donation suggested.

Healers Collaborative at Sierra Commons.  Moderated by Suzie Daggett

May 9 – 12 – 1:30 

Sierra Commons Conference Room

A soft learning experience and introduction to Social Media – how does it work – does it work?   Is it for you?  Where do you go for help?  Let’s share, collaborate and investigate ways for our businesses to attract new clients and keep current clients.  Shared ideas from Carabeth Rowley, social media expert.

Bring your lunch and learn – call Suzie with questions, 530-913-9592

Sierra Commons 107 Sacramento St. #300, NC (upstairs in The Stonehouse)

$10 donation suggested.




Stumped about your business/life direction?

Gain     Clarity    Knowledge     PerspectiveFirst half hour consultation free until May 31, 2012  ($30 value)

Suzie Daggett produces Insight Lectures, events for national speakers.  An entrepreneur since 1978, Suzie is a retired Real Estate Broker, and former owner of the Insight Directory. She offers deep listening and grounded open communication to address your business or life direction….

Let’s talk, you will be surprised by what you learn!  Call now, 530-913-9592 for your appointment

Wednesday, April 11th – 12-1:15pm
Join healers and therapists in a round table discussion to share success and frustration stories with getting the word out about your healing arts practice. Do you need help?!  Let’s collaborate, share and learn together!

Moderated by Suzie Daggett. Bring your lunch and learn, $10 donation
Questions? Please call Suzie at 530-913-9592.
At Sierra Commons, 107 Sacramento St #300, NC

The School’s mission is to create jobs while improving the state of care for both caregivers and those in need of care in Nevada county.

The School of Care will serve as an umbrella organization and a resource and educational center, offering a broad range of services under one roof.

Please come for a presentation and discussion.

We are eager to have your participation and collaboration in creating the vision for The School of Care.

Tuesday, March 20th
Briar Patch Community Room
290 Sierra College Drive, Grass Valley

This is for the greater community, so please invite others.

Kindly RSVP to

With appreciation,
Una Kobrin, LMFT
WHEEL, director

Work Healing our Environment, our Economy, and our Lives

Sierra Commons is the venue for a monthly meeting of Healing Arts practitioners, hosted by Suzie Daggett of Insight lectures.

As healers and therapists we’ll discuss how our individual work can compliment one another, explore the similarities and differences between our various practices, and plan how we can grow our businesses by developing marketing idea’s and strategies.

If you would like to attend or have any questions, please call Suzie at 913-9592.

Tim Murray describes his art and business Spirit Dance. His three dimensional energy healers are hand-crafted here in Nevada County. Tim can be reached at or phone him at 530-265-515 .

Watch live streaming video from sierracommons at

Sierra Commons, in coordination with Nevada County Escapes and Veronica Monet, is hosting a workshop   for couples on August 6.  The all day event is attracting couples from outside of Nevada County – bringing much needed TOT  revenue to the area.

Carla Bonetti of Nevada County Escapes has arrange for special discounts for our out of town guests.  These Offers are available to couples who preregister for the workshop when they call Carla at Nevada County Escapes!

Special Discounts and Romantic Getaway Packages Available

Offers available to couples who preregister when you call Carla at Nevada County Escapes!
Enjoy a 15% discount when you stay at the Grass Valley Courtyard Suites, a luxury boutique blending bed and breakfast charm with world-class hotel atmosphere. Spend your romantic evenings nestled in a quiet neighborhood, one block from Historic downtown Grass Valley. Pamper yourself with a wide array of amenities including a 10% discount off all spa services at the Courtyard. An extended Continental Breakfast is complimentary and the full bar that is open to guests from 6am – 10pm. Wine and hors d’oeuvres are served complimentary each evening and well drinks are at Happy Hour reduced prices. Guests also receive a free drink coupon at Kane’s and Maria’smore

Remember how in love you used to be? With the right coaching those same Passionate Kisses are just a few conversations away. You CAN Rebirth Your Romance and Enjoy More Sincere Hugs, More Trust and Understanding . . . More Peace and Passion in your Relationship. Learn what it takes to Sustain Love for a Lifetime. Join other couples in this intimate small group workshop and plan your Nevada County Escape!

Read more about the workshop and watch a video here

Transformation in the Clinical Setting
A two-day seminar for: Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Body Workers, Physicians and Healers

April 30 – May 1, 2011

Click to view PDF

Learn a new clinical model based on  traditional Asian systems, quantum  physics, and modern bio- and neuroscience that works with the deeper  influences guiding illness and health. The details of this union present a multilayered picture of the true origin of suffering and offer a practical and clinical map for personal and spiritual development. Utilizing acupuncture and oriental medical protocols, subtle diagnostic awareness, and specific therapeutic techniques, you can enhance your ability to work with emotions, mood, behavior and the unfolding of human development in the journey of awakening.

“I have spent over 35 years as an acupuncturist in field and clinical study observing the relationship of consciousness to the physiology of Eastern medical and spiritual systems and their interface with what we currently know of the brain and neurobiology. From this unique perspective I have developed and refined treatment protocols based on the concept of biology as an expression of universal quantum intelligence.”

Informative, fun and never boring, this hands-on course builds on what you already know. Start using course material immediately!

Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8:30am – 5:30pm
Cost: $345 / $295 pre-registered
Students: $195 / $150 pre-registered
Pre-registration deadline: 7 days priorto event. Retake Level-1 for $150.
Refund policy: paid amount minus $50 if canceled 7 business days prior to event. Financial situations considered.

16 CEUs (CA)

For registration and more info:
415.377.0862, or
Visit website for complete schedule and Level-2 information:

Topics covered include:
• Theoretical overview of the AMB system, and its ten-step clinical protocol
• Clinical significance of quantum reality
• Pulse diagnostics for deeper human development (easy to learn!)
• East-West physiology of the spiritual Heart
• Shao Yin: the energetic and physiological union of Heaven and Earth
• Ren-Du polarity shifts in bonding deficits and personality patterns
• Advanced exploration of Five Element energetics
• Energetic pathogens: karmic, parental and traumatic influences
• Seasonal prognosis and treatment development
• Qigong and meditation practices for practitioner and patient … and much more

Peter Fairfield, L.Ac., acupuncturist and medical intuitive, spent many years with Tibetan yogis, Taoists adepts, Qigong masters and physicians from Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand,Taiwan, and the U.S. He has researched Asian medical and spiritual systems and their relationship to modern scientific, psychological, and biomedical paradigms for over 35 years. He lectures nationally on the clinical and practical applications of these systems. In his practice he uses acupuncture and other modalities for emotional and spiritual development, as well as teaches Qigong and meditation to connect to our innate awareness.