Sierra Commons has ignited several businesses. Some of those businesses are still located here in Nevada County. Some have expanded and have moved to other communities. The Business Ignitor course is suitable for all types of businesses. Ignitor graduates have gone on to start restaurants, farms, online marketing companies, catering business, day spas, manufacturing operations, and much more. Are you wondering if the Business Ignitor is right for you? Check out some of our past graduates below or call 530-265-8443 for more information.

Shauna White: Movement Revolution – Freedom of Pain

Shauna WhiteShauna desires to create a “Movement Revolution to get People out of Pain” by empowering them through proactive, sustainable, affordable “self-healing bodywork”.

She does this by teaching unique and highly effective exercises and self-treatment solutions using FOUNDATION TRAINING and the MELT METHOD. She offers classes, workshops and private sessions in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.

Beginning with gymnastics and dance in her youth, she enjoys several forms of athletics including yoga, cycling, strength training, sprint triathlons, downhill and cross-county skiing, hiking/backpacking, and she continues her love of dance. She has bicycled unsupported over 4,300 miles from the coast of Oregon to the coast of Virginia. She has suffered from several sports and non-sport-related injuries resulting in broken bones, overuse injuries, chronic pain, multiple head traumas, as well as a debilitating back injury. Determined to bypass invasive back surgery, she used yoga, The MELT Method, and Foundation Training to control her chronic pain to guide her back to wellness. Her personal healing experience has been profoundly transformational and inspired her to become certified in both movement modalities. She believes that movement is medicine when practiced in a proactive, sustainable way and implemented as part of our lifestyle. Shauna is passionate about sharing this work and desires to empower others through affordable, sustainable self-healing bodywork to get out and stay out of pain. She believes that implementing The MELT Method and Foundation Training are powerful accessories to your self-care toolbox to support whatever activities you choose and love to do. They are both simple skills to help you become and stay healthy, active and happy. These are not just exercises, they are ways to greatly improve your health for the rest of your life at any age. For more information, see Shauna’s website at:

Shanan Manuel: Feast & Gather

Shanan ManuelShanan Manuel is the owner and founder of Feast & Gather, Nevada County’s beyond-farm-to-table catering and full service event manager. Everything they serve is house-made from scratch. They believe that, as culinary professionals, they not only have the responsibility to provide exceptional quality & service, but also to provide education about the effects our choices have on our bodies and the planet. Feast & Gather does that by using produce, meats, and dairy that have been grown and raised by our local farms and ranches whenever possible. They design each menu around what is seasonally available from local, organic, & grass fed, free range farmers. Shanan’s passion for food began as a child picking sweet peas from the vine and eating straight from the garden for after school snacks. Shanan spent 11 years working for Tutti Frutti Farms in Santa Barbara developing her connection from soil to plate. In 2005 she designed a small specialty market and gourmet foods to go store for the farm. Shanan is the chef behind Nevada City’s Farm to Table Dinner where 150 diners enjoy a farm sourced 6 course meal at one long table downtown Nevada City. Shanan’s passion for food shines through with each ingredient carefully chosen, all from scratch and that ever present care that she embodies in the kitchen. For more information, please visit the Feast & Gather website at

Victoria LaFont: Nutritionist

Victoria LaFont is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and certified GAPS Practitioner, through the Nutritional Therapy Association, located in Olympia, Washington. For over a decade she has explored varied diets and healing modalities, ranging from raw veganism to the Primal Diet. Her interest in diet stemmed from a strong desire to heal life long health problems without continued reliance on prescription drugs.

In 2006 Victoria graduated magna cum laude from Murray State University with a bachelor of arts degree, emphasis in medical anthropology and professional writing. Her time studying varied cultures’ practices sparked my interest in continuing to investigate the link between chronic illness/ degenerative disease and dietary habits. The teachings of the Weston A. Price Foundation, the Nutritional Therapy Association, and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, paired with her background in medical anthropology have led Victoria to believe that a properly prepared, whole food, nutrient dense diet is one of the primary keys to optimal health.

Victoria LaFont completed the Business Ignitor in 2011. You can learn more about her practice at

Ingrid Linton: Big Heart

Big Heart began as a popular jewelry design company owned by designer Ingrid Linton. Big Heart style grew from the idea of creating modern handmade gemstone jewelry that fluidly rested on the body and touched the soul. Adding modern style to everyday life. Then, an event happened which would thwart all this hard work. Three years ago Ingrid was in a near-fatal head on collision caused by a drunk driver. As a result, Ingrid was critically injured. Her creativity, body of work, company, ambition andlife were placed on hold as she relearned to walk, function, and perform simple life tasks. Through trials and triumphs, her designs and creativity re-emerged. A renaissance, if you will. The result of this renaissance is : BIG HEART/meticulous style for home and body. The Big Heart collection contains beautiful, stylish 100% cotton skirts, tote bags, aprons, pillows, and assorted accessories found on the market today. With a meticulous eye for detail and design , Big Heart will add color and modern whimsy to your life for many years to come. Life is short. Live it with style. Check out Big Heart style at