June 2013



Today’s passion-driven hobbyists breed many of tomorrow’s small businesses. Stemming from the “maker movement”, (described in this report), and enabled by technology, these hobbypreneurs – both knowledge and craft-based – are leading a new generation of entrepreneurs who increasingly take the step to turn fun into profit.

6 reasons why hobbypreneurs are thriving:

  • It’s easier and cheaper to make things
  • It’s easier and cheaper to run a niche business
  • Online hobby social networks and web sites enable and empower small business makers
  • The down economy is driving up the need for part-time and niche businesses
  • Baby boomers are turning to small business based on their hobbies and passions
  • Growing interest in sustainability and unusual products spurs demand for customized goods

Hobbypreneurs mean business. Inspired by the unique convergence of technology, economic and geographic trends, they will continue to grow in numbers and influence, creating new niche products and markets in the U.S. and abroad. These frugal, tech- savvy, green-oriented, out-of-the-box thinkers are creating new business methods, models and processes. And along the way, they are spurring growth and innovation in the small business marketplace.

 If you’re a local maker, check out  Nevada County Makes, an online community for local crafters, artists and makers to tell people who they are, and what they make. It is also a place to sell arts, crafts and gadgets made in Nevada County.

Also visit The Curious Forge, a local Makers Space for hobbyists and hobbypreneurs to get their groove on.

Startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners – meet Innovate North State at Sierra Commons

innovate northstate

Jon Gregory and Kevin Kinell will be visiting Sierra Commons to introduce Innovate North State to Nevada County residents and business owners. They will discuss resources offered to startups in the 530 area, help connect peer CEOs to entrepreneurs, and share the various funding available for startup capital or business growth.

Innovate North State will also be discussing the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge, an annual conference showcasing the “best of the best” in new product innovation http://www.feathouston.org/canada-cialis-online occurring June 27th, 2013. The Challenge serves as the public launch for many new products from both long-standing and start-up businesses located in California outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego.  It provides a must-see, “first look” opportunity for angel and venture capital investors; customers and strategic partners; broadcast, print and online news media, government agencies and major corporations.

Nevada County Hackers, a local group of technologists and hobbyists, has coordinated with Innovate North State to give local startups and aspiring startups the opportunity to meet Innovate North State and learn about other resources that may be available. Rob Sheldon, co-founder of Nevada County Hackers, said, “If you’re working on a startup, or if you want to work on a startup, this is a must-attend event.”

Innovate North State was established in 2012 with the goal of making the north state region the most economically competitive non-metro region in the U.S. by 2017. They have built ChicoStart, a shared office space and startup hub; the 530 Angels Network, an effort to find and fund high quality start-up companies and help them grow; and organized conferences and events for important industries in our area.

Eventbrite - Jumpstart your Startup with Innovate North State

Donations to Sierra Commons are encouraged so we may continue to provide these no-charge community events.



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From Rob Sheldon, Nevada County Hackers: Continued introductory electronics. I soldered up the MakerShield and the LCD generic cialis for our microcontroller pack, and I’ve got a working servo + LCD setup.

Steve would like to get us going on some projects, including a pulse generator for Arduino. We have three Arduino kits now for general-purpose use, and I can help people get started.

We’ll be gradually working towards more and more complex projects, so if you’d like to get started with electronics or Arduino (or other similar kits), now’s the time!

Community welcome, by donation. More info and to RSVP.

Knock out Background Projects and Meet other Devs at Sierra Commons

hack night


Come to Sierra Commons – bring a computer – and work on whatever project you’re excited about in a social and productive atmosphere.

Sponsored by No Problem, this no-charge monthly meetup is open to the community. Attendance is by donation.

For more information, and to RSVP, please click here.

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