May 2013

New Study Reveals Coworking Boom Worldwide

Demand for shared workspace rises by 89% as the independent workforce hits 1 billion

A growing desire to succeed alone, means an estimated 1 billion** people, 37.2%** of the world’s workforce are mobile working, either self-employed, working as freelancers, or part of a small business start-up. As a result, the demand for shared workspace has risen sharply.

The Global Coworking Census, reveals a more than a 300% increase since 2010 when there were just 600 coworking spaces – and this number looks set to grow as more people discover the benefits of working alongside others.

For more on coworking, and why the “boom”, this is an excellent article by Amanda Schneider in the Huffington Post:

Making Co-Working Spaces Work for Your Business

Co-working spaces often become communities. Some of the best co-working spaces I’ve ever seen inspire an altruistic hive mentality amongst their members. People from all walks of life have different knowledge and life experiences that can help others be successful in those areas, too.

Co-working spaces can be a genuine boon to the often lonely pursuit of one’s entrepreneurial dreams. These offices provide everything a fledgling company needs: technology to help feed its roots and the sunshine of spirited supporters and colleagues.

If you’re working alone at home – you’re missing opportunities that could grow your mind, and your business. Call or sign up here to schedule a tour and receive a complimentary coworking day at Sierra Commons.

The A.P.P.L.E. Center is hosting their May mixer at Sierra Commons, and the community is invited. Have you seen the wisteria blooming on our patio, or taken a ride on one of our tire swings? Now’s your chance! Join the A.P.P..L.E. folks and Sierra Commons members for a relaxing evening on our beautiful Nevada City campus.
Come talk about sustainable living, sustainable playing and sustainable working. Promote your project or small business, learn what others are doing, find opportunities and make new connections. Community is warmly welcomed!

Join us for our first members presentation night!

Hosted by Rob Sheldon, No Problem


Steve’s scan converter card after debugging.

Steve Knapp has been working on a remote “call home” electronics project that works over the plain ol’ telephone service. There’s some more information about it at

Steve has a solid amount of electronics experience, including prototyping his own boards and surface-mounting ICs. He also came up with a creative solution for squeezing an 8-bit bidirectional IO bus out of a board with only 10 data pins. (Steve, is that right? I’m guessing you did some bitmasking magic?)

A good event to attend for those getting started in component electronics, and a chance to hear about a really neat home-brewed home automation setup. Social time from 6:30 to 7, then Steve’s the boss from there on out.

RSVP and meetup contact info here.