July 2012

Chuck Petch interviewed former Business Ignitor Course graduates and found participants overflowing with enthusiasm for what they learned and how much it helped their business grow.

By Chuck Petch, Freelance Writer

Patricia Johnston of Purple Lotus Coaching, is another successful entrepreneur who started her business with help from the Sierra Commons Business Ignitor classes. Patricia’s grief and loss life coaching business grew organically from her own life experiences. As a local registered nurse and cultural anthropology professor, she witnessed and studied grief and loss in every country of the world. She lectured on subjects such as cross-cultural after-death taboos to her anthropology students at Sierra College and Folsom Lake College, and cross-cultural end-of-life preferences to the clinical staff at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and Hospice of the Foothills. At Hospice, she designed and facilitated focus groups and a qualitatively-informed needs assessment revealing the perceptions and needs of public and professional participants for hospice and palliative care programs.

Because of her experience teaching about death, a grief and loss coaching business might seem like a natural next step, but the true catalyst for the coaching business was the loss of her beloved husband, Doug, after 34 years of marriage. As a result of a deep period of grief that did not follow conventional timelines or the linear grief stages described by grief expert Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, and after experiencing the inadequacy of Western culture in allowing her to express her grief, Patricia launched her life coaching studies which specialized in grief and loss. She felt it was the natural culmination of her life path.

Patricia attended the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and completed a rigorous program of study. Among the best tools she gained from her study, in addition to excellent coaching methods and strategies, is the online attitudinal assessment tool she uses that measures one’s level of energy from victim to pure passion-type energy and illuminates blocks that hold people back from a full and rewarding life. She finds that as people work with her on their energy blocks from their “I’m not good enough” thoughts and feelings, they work their way up the scale of seven levels of personal development. This personal growth can be validated and quantified both by one’s personal positive experiences and by taking the assessment at intervals through the growth process.

Once she had the coaching training, Patricia knew she needed business training, but she didn’t want to make another major financial investment. She found the moderately priced training at Sierra Commons “was just what I needed–nuts and bolts, from the elevator speech, to business permits, to insurance coverage. The weekly one-on-one sessions were tailored exactly to my needs. Sierra Commons helped me license and market my business, taught me how to network, taught me how to become more visible online, and gave me a wealth of information. I finished my business plan, which included my mission, vision, and goals.” She says the class had such a great time together that they regularly have get-togethers and are planning to hold group business planning meetings.

Patricia says as a grief and life coach, she is there for people to help them release the pain of grief and loss, find peace, passion, and purpose, and create their new normal after loss. She offers a sliding scale fee and is open to fee proposals from clients. She can help with any kind of loss, including loss of a loved one, job, pet, home, divorce, miscarriage, loss of health and mobility, relationship loss, caregiver burnout, caregiver’s anticipatory grief, and hospice and hospital nurse’s concomitant grief (multiple or simultaneous griefs).

Chuck Petch owns Cedar Forest Publishing. He writes technical manuals, user guides, procedure guides, white papers, brochures, web copy, book editing, business plans, and resumes. You can contact him at chuck@cedarforestpublishing.com.

~ Introducing the Work of Artist Joyce Currie

Sierra Commons is pleased to connect with the Art in Public Places program, which provides the opportunity for members of Pioneer Arts to exhibit their work at local businesses.

Our walls have come alive with the vibrant and colorful oil paintings of artist Joyce Currie, whose work is on exhibit (and for sale) throughout our office suite.

Joyce is a painter, and sculptor, and is represented by several Bay Area galleries. She has trained and taught extensively at various colleges, and through other venues.

Joyce’s artwork is displayed in both private and public collections, in this country and abroad.  Her sculpture “Together” is installed at Western Gateway Park, in Penn Valley.

Stop by Sierra Commons and feel the vibes of these magnificent and moving works of art.

Pioneer Arts is a non-profit association located in Northern California that works to promote the visual arts and artists of Western Nevada County. For more information about Art in Public Places, contact Sandy Lindblad at (530) 913-0679.