August 2011

Lunch & Learn Series

To help Nevada County’s businesses thrive and survive during this challenging economy, Sierra Commons is hosting a Lunch & Learn Series this September and October.

The Lunch & Learn series includes a 45 minute presentation by some of our area’s leading business professionals. There will be plenty of time for questions, networking and socialization. The series includes topics relevant to small business owners, entrepreneurs and working professionals and are available to all Nevada County residents.

A sliding scale donation of $5 – $10 is requested.

Lunch & Learns are scheduled EACH THURSDAY from 12:00 – 1:30 at Sierra Commons. Bring a brown bag filled with your favorite midday meal and learn something to move your business forward.   See the schedule by clicking “more” more

Dear Supporters and Seekers of High-speed Internet Access,

This is a reminder that we need your help in making the Gold Country Broadband Consortium a success, and you can help by submitting your letter of support and Member Information Sheet.  Please download draft template Ltr of Support and Member Information Sheet

SEDCorp is dedicated to extending broadband Internet service to every home and business in the counties of Sierra, Nevada, Placer, El Dorado and Alpine as soon as possible and maximizing the breadth of beneficial services available via those connections. Supported by the CPUC’s California Advanced Services Fund (CASF), SEDCorp plans to reach communities, neighborhoods and businesses throughout the region to help make the business cases needed to bring broadband service to those currently without service and better service to those who are inadequately served, and to maximize adoption of those services as soon as they are available. Our proposed approach to accomplishing this goal is covered in the draft application for CASF support sent to you last week. more

GRASS VALLEY JOB FAIR AND JOB DEVELOPMENT FORUM: Healing our local economy one job at a time

Local and national businesses, politicians, employed professionals, and job seekers are invited for a day of job related seminars, networking, and information.

GRASS VALLEY, CA – Our greatest resource in Nevada County is our talent. How can we mine our local talent to benefit local residents and businesses?

More than 35 companies will gather at the Veterans Memorial Building in Grass Valley, California on September 22, 2011 for a job fair and job development forum sponsored by The Professional Event Planning division of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc., The Union, KNCO,, Nevada County Business News, and the Nevada City Advocate.

The Job Fair and Job Development Forum is unique from job fairs in the past in that:

  • The focus will be on bringing in local and state political figures to address needs specific to Nevada County
  • A greater number of companies will be in attendance
  • There will be more opportunities for community members and business owners to network with one another.

Once again, this will be a fundraiser for the Nevada Union High School Debate Team. more

As local, state and national government agencies examine ways to create jobs and turn around the struggling economy, business incubation programs are featuring prominently in the debate. For 50 years, incubators such as Sierra Commons have been helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses, promoting innovation and creating jobs by providing emerging companies with business support services and resources tailored to young firms to increase their chances of success.

As any entrepreneur can attest, starting a new business isn’t an easy task. Most business owners know every detail of their product or service, but many lack all of the skills they need to turn their ideas into successful enterprises. Sierra Commons is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs access resources through the incubator, business community, the local college, and other business assistance programs to help them develop the skills they need to succeed.

Across our country, entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly important role in transforming the U.S. economy. Rather than relying solely on efforts to attract existing businesses from other locations, many communities are recognizing the need to help local residents build new businesses from the ground up through business incubation.  more

We live in challenging times and people are seeking jobs anywhere they can. Necessity is a powerful mother of invention, and there is plenty of necessity to go around, with unemployment still stubbornly high. After sending out countless resumes more and more people are realizing that the best new job is one they make for themselves by starting their own business. And as people reevaluate the direction of their lives, they’re finding that they don’t want just any job or business; they want a business or career that means something, one that has a purpose as well as paying the bills.

from article by Glen Croston :Building a Green Business


Oh, and by the way, Sierra Commons can help you start a business that is meaningful to you and your community….