April 2011

Sierra Commons holds a variety of educational classes and seminars for business owners in Nevada County.  We also provide a platform for talented members of our community to hold classes of their own.  We are now in the planning phase for developing the next round of classes to meet the ever growing challenges of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Western Nevada County.

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Wednesday May 18th 5:30pm – 7:30pm*


Sierra Commons 107 Sacramento St #300, Nevada City

Class is limited to 18 participants. PRE-REGISTRATION is required. We’ll have a nifty email or two we need to send you, so we can hit the ground running on May 18th.

*Yes, we said an hour – but it’s a two hour class. This allows for questions and some dynamic interaction. And maybe some juice and cookies. Register here

Sierra Commons has recently signed a year lease (with an option for a second year) for their current location at the Stonehouse in Nevada City.  Sierra Commons members will be able to continue leveraging the benefits of the business incubator, uninterrupted.

After the Private Industry Council of Butte County stopped operations in late February 2011, Sierra Commons lost significant operational funding.  However Sierra Commons tapped emergency fund reserves to continue providing critical services to the entrepreneurial community in Nevada County.

In addition to providing a professional co-working environment, Sierra Commons hosts and produces a wide variety of business education and lifestyle seminars, and free business consulting. Of particular note is the announcement of the second  Business Ignitor Course, designed to rapidly launch new businesses in Nevada County.  A free Business Ignitor Primer class is being offered April 20th in the Sierra Commons conference room.  The six week course begins May 4th and intends on helping 15 local entrepreneurs take their business concepts from ideas to implementation.

Work Is Worship is sponsoring the 1st of many JOB-SEEKERS NETWORKING GROUPS.

Time: 11am – 2pm, Friday, April 8, 2011
Place: Sierra Commons – 107 Sacramento Street, Nevada City, CA


Transformation in the Clinical Setting
A two-day seminar for: Acupuncturists, Naturopaths, Body Workers, Physicians and Healers

April 30 – May 1, 2011

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Learn a new clinical model based on  traditional Asian systems, quantum  physics, and modern bio- and neuroscience that works with the deeper  influences guiding illness and health. The details of this union present a multilayered picture of the true origin of suffering and offer a practical and clinical map for personal and spiritual development. Utilizing acupuncture and oriental medical protocols, subtle diagnostic awareness, and specific therapeutic techniques, you can enhance your ability to work with emotions, mood, behavior and the unfolding of human development in the journey of awakening.

“I have spent over 35 years as an acupuncturist in field and clinical study observing the relationship of consciousness to the physiology of Eastern medical and spiritual systems and their interface with what we currently know of the brain and neurobiology. From this unique perspective I have developed and refined treatment protocols based on the concept of biology as an expression of universal quantum intelligence.”

Informative, fun and never boring, this hands-on course builds on what you already know. Start using course material immediately!

Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8:30am – 5:30pm
Cost: $345 / $295 pre-registered
Students: $195 / $150 pre-registered
Pre-registration deadline: 7 days priorto event. Retake Level-1 for $150.
Refund policy: paid amount minus $50 if canceled 7 business days prior to event. Financial situations considered.

16 CEUs (CA)

For registration and more info:
415.377.0862, or mysticalbody@yahoo.com
Visit website for complete schedule and Level-2 information: www.peterfairfield.com

Topics covered include:
• Theoretical overview of the AMB system, and its ten-step clinical protocol
• Clinical significance of quantum reality
• Pulse diagnostics for deeper human development (easy to learn!)
• East-West physiology of the spiritual Heart
• Shao Yin: the energetic and physiological union of Heaven and Earth
• Ren-Du polarity shifts in bonding deficits and personality patterns
• Advanced exploration of Five Element energetics
• Energetic pathogens: karmic, parental and traumatic influences
• Seasonal prognosis and treatment development
• Qigong and meditation practices for practitioner and patient … and much more

Peter Fairfield, L.Ac., acupuncturist and medical intuitive, spent many years with Tibetan yogis, Taoists adepts, Qigong masters and physicians from Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand,Taiwan, and the U.S. He has researched Asian medical and spiritual systems and their relationship to modern scientific, psychological, and biomedical paradigms for over 35 years. He lectures nationally on the clinical and practical applications of these systems. In his practice he uses acupuncture and other modalities for emotional and spiritual development, as well as teaches Qigong and meditation to connect to our innate awareness.

Ignite your business in six weeks

This April, Sierra Commons presents a six-week business course to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners launch new businesses in Nevada County. Much more than a business plan workshop, the Sierra Common’s Business Ignitor Course brings together a group of like-minded individuals, guides them through the steps and provides the practical tools needed to launch a business at the end of the course.

The comprehensive course outline covers topics including writing a business plan, market analysis, marketing strategies, finance and budgeting, accounting, business law, exit strategy and more. The weekly two-and-a-half-hour classes feature guest speakers and are taught by seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each topic. Students will also have an opportunity to meet with business mentors, instructors and staff during weekly office hours for special one-to-one time to finish weekly assignments.