March 2011

Tenants are reporting large nuggets of gold discovered in historic downtown Nevada City. The Stonehouse sits near the confluence of Deer Creek and Little Deer Creek where early gold rush miners reportedly “panned a pound of gold a day.” Kept relatively unrevealed since August of 2009, the discovery could no longer be kept secret.

“It’s really amazing. There’s still gold out there after all of these years.” said one lucky prospector. “Ever since I started working here, I have seen my coworkers coming back from lunch exuberant and a little dirty. I’ve been wondering what it was all about, but now I know.”

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Jesse Locks

When: April 13th from 11-1pm
Sierra Commons
Cost: $30

Workshop Description: Jesse Locks will go over public relations tools every business person needs to know to successfully promote their business, event, organization and/or themselves. Learn public relations strategies that you can implement quickly and inexpensively, including how to create public relations materials such as press releases, PSA’s, and media pitch letters that deliver your message credibly, creatively and concisely.  Gain insight into the media’s perspective on how stories are chosen and how to format your message for print, online, tv and broadcast.  Learn how to identify your audience and create targeted messages and tactics that get results.  We will also explore the five types of social media–blogs, podcasts, wikis, social networks and content networks—and examine how marketing professionals are using each medium to create brand awareness and buzz in their pr campaigns.  You will discover how to evaluate and measure the impact of a pr campaign. more

On Thursday, April 14, at 7:00pm, Tim Hitchcock will explore the concept of using peer production to build electric transportation for Part 4 of Sierra Commons’ 6-part “Tech Talk” lecture and networking series. Tech Talks are forums for Nevada County residents to share new ideas, ongoing projects, and interesting work in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.

Peer production, a new way of producing goods and services that relies on self-organizing communities of individuals who come together to produce a shared outcome, is changing the way we design, build, control and own technology. Moving beyond software (Linux, Wikipedia, Mozilla), peer production is now starting to be applied to hardware. Using Finland-based group eCars Now! as a model, Tim will talk about how peer production in electric transportation is changing the world and saving the planet.

Tim Hitchcock is a multi-disciplinarian with background in art, science, medicine, architecture and engineering. Disciple of Bucky Fuller and graduate of The Evergreen State College, Tim is currently promoting and developing electric vehicles, geodesic domes and off-grid clean energy. He is Chief Newt at Newt Industries and Chief Magical Connector for eCars Now! California.


Tune in to Sierra Commons’ channel today to get live coverage of the Nevada County Economic Development Showcase and Ignitor Graduation Celebration.

Live coverage begins at 12 pm today and continues throughout the event.


One of the ways Sierra Commons is continuing to help small local businesses is providing networking opportunities. The more small businesses have a chance to get in front of their prospective customers, the better.




And we have ignition…

Small business owner? Thinking of starting a business? Looking for ways to help your business survive and thrive?

There are over 30 economic development and business leadership organization in Nevada County.  For the first time ever , Sierra Commons, with the support of the ERC and the One-Stop, is breaking new ground and bringing many of these organizations together to present their services to the public.


The event is March 18th, from 12-4pm.

Free to the Public.

If you have a business, capitalize on this opportunity – attend this event.  It is free to the public, so the price is right

Participating organizations have missions to support local businesses by providing services such as loans, free or low-cost business consulting services, job placement, green economy information, networking opportunities, leadership, and business research.


Next Wednesday 3/9.Join our graduating Ignitor Students for the final Wednesday Ingitor Class for this session. Judy Nichols, CPA and Toastmaster extraordinaire, will show how refined presentation skills helps get your message across and instills confidence in your business communications. Then Brent Smith CEO from SEDCorp will talk about such subjects as alternative sources of funding, dealing with bankers and other funding-related topics.