February 2010

Commoners are some of the most productive people in Nevada County. Our ants are too. That’s why we have joined forces and are cohabiting with the Sierra Commons Ant Farm. We are currently looking for a queen ant and worker ants to fill the farm. Several ant membership levels are available. Please inquire in person.

The Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival, based in Nevada City, CA, seeks a new Festival Director to lead and implement this dynamic program of the award-winning watershed advocacy group, SYRCL. Now in its 8th year, Wild & Scenic has become the largest film festival of its kind in North America, while evolving from a single event to a multi-faceted program of SYRCL. The Wild & Scenic Program includes our annual “opening” film festival in Nevada City (3 days, 10 venues, 120+ films, 3,000 attendees and a largely volunteer staff of several hundred people), our “On Tour” film festival (in partnership with Patagonia, Inc.,  more

Barbara Hernesman, California Building Performance Contractors Association Director of Training and Workforce Development, is hanging her hat at the Commons. The CBPCA is leading the United States in bleeding edge Green Home Energy Upgrades and training contractors to support the emerging residential green remodeling market. Keep tuned for more information about how Barbara and the CBPCA is bringing jobs and resources to Nevada County.

For more inforation on the CBPCA, please visit http://www.cbpca.org/

Come to Sierra Commons  on February 14th.  The opening will be from 3:30 to 6 pm at Sierra Commons, where Chris’ art has been gracing the walls for several weeks.  Come meet the artist and have a few refreshments.  You may want to check out the parking lot at the Stonehouse before the opening for some artist-in-action action.  Here are a few examples and a brief description of his work. . .


Did you know that 89% of annual incomes over $50,000 are earned by owners of small businesses? But, four out of five small businesses don’t last five years. What is the difference between success and failure?  Knowledge.  That is why the Sierra Economic Development Corporation (SEDCorp) is ramping up a diverse selection of classes with expert instructors.  SEDCorp, who is in the business of supporting the growth of small businesses through training workshops and small business loans, is providing the following classes in February in Auburn, Grass Valley and Placerville. more