January 2010

A desk at Sierra Commons in the open seating area

A bowl of stone fruit, a couple of broken fountains and a marble lamp – an unusual assortment of items you might say, however all connected for Chris. “The fruit, the lamp, the fountains were all items that my family regarded with great reverence while growing up.” Why? Because his grandfather, Gaetano Duccini, created them and were among the few remaining pieces the family had from his work as a sculptor. more

I don’t usually get too rowdy in public, but several times in the past couple years I’ve found myself at odds with Nevada City bartenders. Why? Because I wanted to watch the President speak on TV.

Tonight is the State of the Union, and this time I have an alternative. more

Last night Sierra Commons hosted The Exchange’s first social night of 2010, with guest speaker Duane Strawser of Tour of Nevada City bicycle shop. Duane reflected on his success–an inspiring story for those who want their business to be rooted in the community they live in. more

If your excuse for not practicing Yoga has been lack of funds, you’re going to have to come up with a new excuse.

As of the New Year, Nevada City Yoga studio Shuniaa has decided to make their classes available to everyone on a donation-only basis. more

Sierra Commons is offering a FREE DAY here,  just to prove once and for all that co-office life rules.

Bring your laptop and your Nalgene water bottle (which you can re-fill at our water cooler)  and come on by for an hour, two hours, or the whole day . We still have space available here in our semi-private room ($250/month, bring your own desk) our open room ($200/month, desk supplied) and our nomadic, first-come, first-served memberships are just $100 month. Check out the space and see which one suits you. Have a meeting in the conference room. Send a fax. Make a phone call in the quiet phone room. Make some popcorn or some coffee. Tell Sierra Commoners your business ideas. Listen to theirs.

As the sun sets, or maybe a little before, we will go outside and watch the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new sign. If it’s warm, you can stay out there. If it’s cold, come on in. Either way, have a drink! They’re free too!

Last Thursday, Nevada City’s Planning Commission approved our plans to put a sign in the space depicted in the accompanying photo. Subsequent to this event a local paper reported on it and referred to our organization as “Sierra Commons Business Ignitor.” This was flattering and descriptive, but not entirely accurate. We expect the sign to clear things up.

Sierra Common’s Speaker Series got off to an auspicious start with an extremely informative and well-attended talk from internet marketing expert Christina Hills.
Hills, known to some as The Shopping Cart Queen, teaches classes and web seminars on internet marketing. She instructed a riveted and curious audience on ways to use social media tools like blogging, Facebook and Twitter to improve and grow their businesses.


Do you have a home office in the Nevada City area and sometimes just want to get out of there, so you don’t go nuts, or turn on the TV?

Do you periodically work in Nevada City but live elsewhere and wish you had local access to a pleasant place to get work done that was not a coffee shop? And just happened to have a conference room, a fax machine, a copy machine, and a quiet place to talk on the phone?

Do you own a small business in the Nevada City area and find that although you don’t really want a bigger office, you are often in need of a nicely appointed, fully-equipped conference room to hold large meetings? more