December 2009


W.H.E.E.L is hosting a job forum in response to President Obama’s request for local participation in targeting job growth following the Washington DC Summit. W.H.E.E.L is a grass roots, needs-based, job creation non-profit public benefit organization doing both research and job creation activities. more

The Sierra Commons conference room is a conveniently located, pleasant space in the historic Nevada City Stonehouse building.  more

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Presented by Christina Hills

On January 7, 2010 Sierra Commons will feature the first speaker in our new Speaker Series, Christina Hills, from 6 to 7:30pm at the top floor of the Stonehousemore

1. One space to heat and light and clean and repair and make a fancy sign for.

2. Less e-waste — waste from anything you plug in. E-waste is growing at a rate of 3 percent a year. Yes, we all have our own computers, but sharing a printer, a coffeemaker, a fax machine, a toilet, etc., makes a huge difference. more

There’s been a fair share of talk and excitement over this past week’s Fox News segment on Victorian Christmas. In Nevada County, no national media exposure goes unnoticed—so it was with the Sony commercials and the Hallmark Channel feature film, and so it is now. Unfortunately, Fox bungled a key unemployment figure. more

Thursday, November 17th, 2009 will live forever in the minds and hearts of Sierra Commons members as a Great Day At Work.

We had a full house, with almost all members clocking in for the day. In the Conference Room, local graphic design company and creator of Sierra Common’s logo Elevation 49 held a strategic planning meeting. more

On Saturday, December 5th from 9-1 pm the Friends of Deer Creek organization will be hosting a restoration day. This event is welcome to any volunteer who would like to lend a helping hand. They will be working on the trail area between Pioneer Park and the Stonehouse in Nevada City. more